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Different CVs Different CVs

Academic CV

This kind of CV focuses on your academic achievements. It is usually used when applying for lecturing or research-based position like post-doctoral research. In academic CV there is no page limit yet remember to keep it concise and targeted to a particular job.

Your academic accomplishments should be highlighted on a first page. Such CV should be written in academic style of writing but still it should be comprehensive to laymen.

In academic CV rembember to include outcomes and future developments of your research, details concerning your specialist skills and any grants, awards and merits you have awarded.




Scholarship CV

Scholarship CV is closely related to academic CV. In this document you also include information about your academic achievements in order to obtain a grant/ scholarship.

The most significant writing tips:

  • read carefully regulations and selection critieria,
  • match your CV and present your qualities,
  • include your academic merit: degrees, qualifications, research, attending conferences and symposia etc.,
  • if you have any additional certificates and diplomas, include them too,
  • in scholarship CV you do not apply for a job, work experience is not as relevant as your accomplishments,
  • community and cultural involvement is an asset.

Legal CV

Useful information for legal workers:

  • use your legal education and work experience to show motivation for a law career - any part-time or additional activity is welcome (e.g. law student organisation, voluntary services, pro bono legal service),
  • use your part-time job to present skills you acquired - every professional experience makes you more attractive on a job market, e.g. a lawyer should be clear-headed and have a common sense,
  • treat each application as a unique one - instead of sending your documents to 20 or more firms, choose only 4-6 companies that are really important for you,
  • make your CV more outstanding - law students often have a similar background education, change it, for example, if you have some extraordinary interests, include this in your application,
  • law is a different field of study than graphic - remember to use professional and neutral tone, avoid humorous contents,
  • proofread your application - as a law employer you need to have excellent written as well as communicational skills, revise any mistakes.

You can find more information on these websites:



CV templates:



Teaching CV

CV of a teacher characterises professional experience and background. Here you need to include information about your qualifications as well as your personality as this job sometimes can be unpredictable.

Below you can find information that should be added into your application:

  • qualifications, i.e. details concerning your teacher training,
  • modules, specialisation you have gained,
  • teacher experience: who you taught, what you taught, age and level of education of your students, write as many information as possible,
  • insert details concerning other teacher experience, for example, summer camps, youth groups, sports coaching,
  • highlight your skills needed on your job post, e.g. leadership, IT, languages,
  • write information about your interests that are relevant to teaching: musical skills, sport,
  • bear in mind that references are essential in this type of work.