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Career Guidance Career Guidance

All services are rendered for students and graduates of UMK gratuitously.

The offer for international students:

  • Visiting the Careers Service

    • English

Organised groups of students wishing to get acquainted with specific functions of the Careers Service are kindly requested to contact an employee of the Information Division of the Careers Service in order to agree on details of a meeting two weeks in advance.

  • Counselling interview

    • English

Students interested in having a counselling interview relating to planning of their career in English are requested to contact in order to agree on details (subject of the meeting) at least two weeks in advance.

  • Electronic contact with a vocational counsellor

    • English – Ewa Banaszak, Katarzyna Jagiełka, Izabela Rutkowska, Tomasz Jankowski,
    • Russian – Ewa Banaszak
  • Training

    • Polish, English

Information about workshops are available on the website in the bookmark "Workshops".