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The Careers Service of UMK offers the following to employers The Careers Service of UMK offers the following to employers

  • gratuitous assistance in finding appropriate candidates for permanent, seasonal and foreign jobs as well as internships and placement by distribution of offers using traditional methods (information boards) and electronic methods (e-mails, website)
  • spreading information about recruitment principles, demands and plans as well as distribution of catalogues, brochures, leaflets and posters promoting a company’s activities among students and graduates through   
  • presentations of companies in faculties delivered during meetings with students
  • participation in the labour fairs organised by the Office:
  • assistance in arrangement of student placements via the Careers Service and on the basis of a collective or individual agreement
  • opportunity to use the Model of Vocational Competencies worked out by the Careers Service of UMK for the purposes of description of job and position offers, evaluation of competencies of candidates for jobs as well as determination of requirements, motivation, controlling, periodical evaluation and development of employees’ skills
  • establishment of cooperation with employers as regards the above-mentioned matters

Services of the Careers Service of UMK rendered for employers Services of the Careers Service of UMK rendered for employers

1.    Placing job/internship/placement offers

Description of job offers with the use of the Model of Vocational Competencies

Using the form, one may place a job offer described with the use of competencies. In completing the offer form, an employer provides precise requirements for a given job, soft competencies and determines a level of the same (sufficient, optimum, excessive). A detailed description of all competencies and instructions for use of MKZ in practice.

The rules and method of placing an offer:

  • A completed offer form should be sent to the address:
  • An offer placed will be valid for 30 days, unless an employer provides an accurate expiry date of the offer.
  • A failure to provide basic data in the offer will render registration of an offer in the Careers Service of UMK impossible.
  • Please provide feedback relating to the course of the recruitment process pertaining to the offer placed.

 Possible distribution channels for an offer:

  • ELECTRONIC MAIL – Your offer will be send electronically by vocational counsellors to people registered in the Careers Service of UMK and complying with requirements specified in the offer.
  • CATALOGUES – the offer will be available in special catalogues provided to students in the Information Division of the Careers Service.
  • INFORMATION BOARDS OF THE Careers Service FOUND IN PARTICULAR FACULTIES – information sent by an employer may be placed on information boards of the Careers Service, which are found in particular Faculties of UMK. The information boards contain long-term job offers and information relating to internship and placement programmes addressed to particular faculties.
  • WEBSITE – upon an employer’s request, an offer may be placed on the website of the Office in the division of urgent offers. All internet users visiting the website will have access to the offer.

If have any questions, please contact an employee of the Office.

2.    Recruitment presentations of companies

Presentations provide a perfect opportunity to make clever students get interested in a company’s offer and create a positive image of a company as a desirable employer. Entrepreneurs, who intend to employ graduates of various faculties or offer internship opportunities for students in the nearest future and later, may meet the students and inform them about their plans.

During a meeting with students, representatives of a company will:

  • present the history of their company and its achievements in a brief manner,
  • characterise the organisational structure of the company,
  • discuss the profile of the company’s activities and character of each division,
  • inform about conditions of work (including social benefits),
  • present the nearest plans and principles of recruitment as well as opportunities of promotion and development for young employees (e.g. training, transfers),
  • present the company’s requirements towards potential employees (criteria and methods of candidates' selection for jobs),
  • inform about opportunities of placements and vocational internships (in the mid-year and during the summer) as well as writing master’s theses.

The presentations are delivered in lecture halls in the premises of the university. Employers may select a faculty and students, whom they would like to meet, e.g. the Faculty of economic Sciences and Management, Law and Administration, Mathematics and Computer Science etc. depending  on types of graduates, whom they would like to employ or hire as trainees.

3.    E-portfolio

In e-portfolio gallery one may view profiles of students and graduates of UMK, who present their own activities and works in various fields of social, artistic and scientific activities.

Employers may search for candidates for jobs using and comparing virtual CVs and contact potential employees via the contact form.